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How to create an event

Tkhoma.com is happy to announce that we have added functionality to allow any user to create an event. An event can be a Party, picnic, graduation, baptism, funeral or anything that you like. An event consists of a Title, Date, Time, Location and a Description. The events can be found by clicking the Upcoming Events menu item. The list will contain all events that have been created which are not past due.

Note that you have to be signed in to tkhoma.com for you to be able to create and event

To get to the event page, click the Upcoming Events menu item. Once you get to the events page, you can either create a new event or view more information about one of the events in the list.

To create an event, click the Create New Event link found on the top left of the page. That will take you to a new page. Fill in the Title, Date and Time, Location and Description input fields and then click the Save button.
Please remember that you will not be able to see the new event in the list until tkhoma.com approves it. Once approved, everyone will be able to see. it.

To view more detailed information about an event, simply click the Title of the event.

If you have any questions, suggestions, please let us know.

Thank you,